Getting There!

The 2013 Long Beach Mardi Gras takes place all around Rainbow Harbor, which is at the foot of Pine Avenue, in downtown Long Beach.

Take the 710 Freeway South to Shoreline Drive. The closest intersection to the heart of the festival is Pine Avenue and Shoreline Drive. You can use our event headquarters near ’330 South Pine Avenue’ (Gladstone’s Long Beach) for online map services.

The preferred Parking structure is located at the Pike, where restaurants around the Harbor will validate for 90 minutes.
Parking at The Pike
Parking at the Aquarium

Also, flat fee parking available at the “Elephant Lot” behind the Long Beach Arena (circular buiding with whale murals). Enter off of Shoreline Drive.

The festival is easily accessible by numerous bus/rail routes. The Passport C bus drops off right in Pine Avenue Circle.
Long Beach Transit

Take out all the worry with Long Beach Yellow Cab! (562) 444-4444
Long Beach Yellow Cab

Numerous bike stands available, venue is accessible from Bike Strand via Shoreline Village.

For more thorough information on travelling to downtown Long Beach, check out the ‘Parking & Maps’ link from the Downtown Long Beach Association (DLBA) website:


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